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Cloud door system

Product Parameters

Nanjing Qinhuai District Old Residential Area Reconstruction Project

Project Overview:

In the old districts such as Zhongshan East Road Community and Xiaoyang Village Community in Qinhuai District, the residential security door system is old and unbearable, and some communities do not even have corresponding equipment, which brings about residents' safety, community service, public security jurisdiction and municipal management. All kinds of inconveniences are one of the municipal problems that the Nanjing Municipal Government urgently needs to solve in recent years. The construction of this project is aimed at these practical problems, planning, designing, purchasing, installing and maintaining the intelligent anti-theft door information management system for the old residential areas such as Zhongshan East Road Community and Xiaoyang Village Community in Qinhuai District, bringing safety to the public. At the same time, it also provides accurate data support for the public security organs to grasp the intuitive and detailed information of the inbound and outbound personnel.


Customer demand:

• The daily flow of external personnel is extremely large, and the community personnel are densely mixed;

• The cell needs a high degree of security to effectively count and manage the personnel entering and leaving the community.


Solve the problem:

• Realize new functions such as smart card swiping, mobile/phone call opening, and intelligent video capture to achieve convenient and safe access for community residents;

• Docking the city's public security data exchange platform to realize the effective transmission and convergence of big data information such as video, image, identity and access data, creating a convenient and safe living environment for residents.



Program features:

• The system meets multiple network access schemes with higher deployment freedom and wider coverage;

• The system integrates multiple opening methods to support free selection and setting by people and households;

• The system supports the configuration of multi-level user rights and adopts a unified management mode of the platform, which makes the management of personnel and equipment more convenient and efficient;

• The system provides a variety of cloud big data intelligent applications, such as