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Hujia Expressway

Product Parameters



【Project Overview】

The Hujia Expressway is the first expressway in China that was opened to traffic. It was completed and opened to traffic on October 31, 1988. Since then, a new page in the history of highway construction in China has been set off.

Hujia Expressway video surveillance system realizes high-definition full-coverage monitoring. The whole line adopts integrated PTZ camera. The camera has no blind spot erection. The video of the road main road traffic flow status can be forwarded to the monitoring center through the streaming media server, realizing the whole road in the center. HD monitoring.


[Case Features]

The highway monitoring transmission distance is long, the bandwidth resources are limited, and the code stream and stability of the equipment are very high. The front-end equipment provided by GMI can effectively solve the network transmission and delay problems in the application scenario.

Ultra low bit rate

The camera adopts an efficient video coding algorithm to ensure that the video image quality is only 1/3-1/2 of the normal HD camera without frame dropping or frame dropping, which avoids the bandwidth occupation and reduces the storage. Space.

High frame rate

For the fast-passing vehicles on the expressway, the ordinary network cameras have tailing and video slick in the video surveillance. The high-definition network camera using advanced 60-frame/second high-speed scanning technology in the project, high-speed capture, high-definition images, Accurately analyze the fast-passing vehicles, and use the camera's high frame rate feature to accurately see the details of the license plate during playback.

High speed pan/tilt machine

Through the high-magnification integrated movement, when the lens is zoomed, the camera will maintain the autofocus state at the center of the entire scene, and you can view the details in the wide scene of the highway. In special cases, the user can manually focus and reach The desired image effect. Emergency situations can be achieved for emergencies and real-time status on the spot can be obtained, facilitating the timely and effective placement of emergency treatment plans.

Intelligent fog

Based on the atmospheric transmission model, the depth of field and the fog concentration of different regions of the image are differentiated for filtering, and the image enhancement technology and image restoration technology are combined to obtain an accurate and natural fog-transparent image. It solves the problem of ensuring that the camera maintains good image quality output around the clock in the case of outdoor foggy weather images.