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Shanghai River Crossing Tunnel

Product Parameters



[Project Profile]

As early as the 1960s, Shanghai began to construct river-crossing tunnels on the Huangpu River. By the end of 2012, 12 river-crossing tunnels on the Huangpu River had been built in Shanghai, and 164 underpasses on main roads had been built. Under this background, it is more and more important to improve the integration level of vehicle tunnel monitoring system. The front-end camera of GMI monitors the electronic bulletin board information and the vehicle entering the tunnel entrance and exit in real time, and monitors the vehicle entering the tunnel in real time through the real-time information of the electronic bulletin board linked with the monitoring system.


[Case Characteristics]

The front-end camera of GMI with high definition and high frame rate monitors the whole tunnel and transmits the front-end high-definition video to the command center so that the personnel of relevant departments can know the scene in real time and carry out comprehensive management.

Intelligent video recording

Through the intelligent frame-searching algorithm, the video can be positioned in only one step, and the playback is fast, without any carton. Combining SMART storage algorithm, pre-allocation mechanism and video stream sequential writing to planned fixed-size storage units, the generation of disk fragments is effectively reduced.

Alarm linkage

When the bulletin board shows that the tunnel is closed or the tunnel is maintained, if a vehicle forcibly enters, the vehicle is recorded and captured through the video surveillance system, and the captured data is transmitted to the command center for archiving and early warning.

Four bit stream

For the same video source, the camera can generate and transmit four bitstreams with different frame rates, resolutions or image quality to meet different user needs, and realize various requirements such as high-definition monitoring, high-definition storage, remote monitoring and mobile monitoring.

Electronic map

Hierarchical electronic map realizes the direction and position control of the camera on the map. The map can directly carry out camera live, cloud control, snapshot, local video and other operations.