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Shanghai trunk road

Product Parameters


[Project Profile]

In the high-definition video surveillance system of Shanghai trunk highway, the cameras are distributed nearly 100 kilometers in length. All the cameras are equipped with high-definition network platform cameras to monitor the whole process of the trunk highway. Distributed storage is done in two classrooms. Video is transmitted to the surveillance center through streaming media servers, and real-time monitoring of the whole section of the highway is realized in the center.


[Case Characteristics]

The front-end network of the project is a 100 Mbp self-healing ring network. The transmission pressure of the ring network is in the last ring switch. How to solve the transmission problem in this low bandwidth and high quality project is very important. As the first manufacturer of low bit stream network cameras in the industry, our company makes full use of its own advantages and has been successfully applied in the project.

Four bit stream

For the same video source, the camera can generate and transmit four bitstreams with different frame rates, resolutions or image quality to meet different user needs, and realize various requirements such as high-definition monitoring, high-definition storage, remote monitoring and mobile monitoring.

Ultra low bit rate

By using efficient video coding algorithm, the video image quality is guaranteed without frame extraction and frame reduction. The bit stream is only 1/3-1/2 of the general HD camera, which avoids the bandwidth occupation and reduces the storage space.

6A automatic algorithm

In the project, the 6A intelligent camera is used to select the equipment. The shutter and exposure are adjusted intelligently according to the environment to solve the optical problems caused by the bright background and uneven light.

Intelligent fog penetration

Based on the atmospheric transmission model, the depth of field and fog concentration in different regions of the image are filtered. At the same time, the image enhancement technology and image restoration technology are fused to obtain accurate and natural fog-permeable images. It solves the problem that the camera maintains good image quality output all day long under the condition of blurred outdoor rain and fog weather images.