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Integrated traffic management

Product Parameters

Shanghai Jiading District Road Traffic Management Information Platform Project

Project Overview:

The Shanghai Public Security Bureau and the Shanghai Traffic Police Corps launched the construction of the command integration and dispatching system and signal control system at the beginning of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”. Together with the opportunity of the 2010 World Expo, the roadside guidance system, the electric police bayonet system and the law and order were quickly promoted. The construction of the monitoring system basically realized the overall control of the main roads in the central city, effectively implemented the development strategy of “scientific and technical police” and achieved good social benefits. However, in the process of development, the development of informationization in Jiading District is lagging behind. In addition to the relatively complete intelligent control facilities in the Hongqiao hub area, the district has implemented intelligent control and control facilities for electronic police, bayonet and public security monitoring at the intersections of key nodes at major roads. The total amount of facilities and coverage are both limited. Although the district public security bureau command center has been built for many years, it is limited by the site environment and has only preliminary functions such as command and dispatch, image monitoring and information sharing. The overall scalability of the system is poor.

Solve the problem:

The purpose of the project is to establish a basic structure of the traffic management system for the main roads in the Jiading area, to support all traffic management functions of the main roads in the area, and to lay the foundation for the gradual advancement of road traffic informationization and intelligent development in Jiading District.

The road traffic management information platform system is mainly divided into eight modules: GIS map, video management, induced release, traffic status, facility management, system operation and maintenance, user management, log management and fault alarm. The signal control and electric police card are carried out in an orderly manner. Construction of information systems such as mouth, video surveillance, and induced release.