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Whistle detection capture

Product Parameters

Shanghai Pudong Airport T1/T2 Terminal

Project Overview:

The vehicle whistle detection and capture system deployed on the road of Shanghai Pudong Airport can accurately identify the squeaking horns in the roads near the airport, accurately capture and capture, record evidence, and manage the data platform, and establish a set of big data-based The traffic screams the horn management system to effectively achieve the governance of such behavior.



Program features:

● The system takes the lead in using internationally advanced sound array positioning technology for traffic management, which can accurately locate vehicles that identify whistle.

● The system uses professional signal processing algorithms in the field of spectrum technology to accurately distinguish the sound of motor vehicle horns from other noises such as vehicle driving sounds, brake sounds, roaring sounds, air conditioning sounds, etc., and accurately extract horn sounds from noisy environments.

● The system recognizes the contour of the car from the graphics to accurately mark the illegal vehicles. When the license plate is not clear or blocked, the vehicle can be tracked until the license plate is identified.