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Traffic violation capture system

Product Parameters

China International Import Expo

Project Profile:

The world's first national-level exhibition, the first China International Import Exposition, was held in Shanghai from November 5 to 10, 2018. The Expo attracted more than 3,000 enterprises from more than 130 countries and regions, and more than 5,000 exhibits were the first to show in the Chinese market. The Expo, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, aims to firmly support trade liberalization and economic globalization and actively open markets to the world. As a leading domestic provider of video surveillance, artificial intelligence solutions and technical services, GMI undertakes the construction of intelligent traffic management system for key roads around the venues of international import expositions, and provides all-round and efficient "hardware" and "software" support for the preparation of international import expositions.

Customer requirements:

• Ensuring road traffic safety around the Expo and preventing traffic congestion throughout the day;

• Structured data to support real-time data sharing of traffic monitoring and management platforms at all levels;

• Capturing violations and reducing traffic accidents;

• Multi-functional integration, easy installation, without affecting the beauty;

Solve the problem:

In the vicinity of the venues of China International Import Exposition, the intelligent transportation management system of GMI has been installed, which has realized the full coverage of intelligent and grid distribution control for the important transportation hub of the import exposition. This system provides a structural solution for road information and vehicle data around the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Expo Site). The system integrates traffic flow video detection module, electronic police illegal behavior detection module and card tag detection module, realizes the integration of traffic flow analysis, illegal snapping, security jack, traffic incident detection and multi-bit stream high-definition video surveillance.

The system collects real-time video images of road detection area and digitalizes them. By analyzing the image changes in the detection area, the image feature information is extracted to judge the driving state of the target vehicle. The system adopts a stable and reliable video traffic light status recognition algorithm, which effectively avoids the signal transmission problems caused by weather, environment and equipment interference factors, and reduces cable construction. It uses feature classification technology to realize vehicle feature extraction, vehicle location, target locking tracking, accurate counting and other functions, and provides accurate and reliable real-time data for traffic situation research and judgment. High-definition video stream real-time analysis technology can synchronously detect and capture 13 kinds of common traffic violations, record the facial features of violators, realize intelligent and unmanned traffic management, and help the first import exposition to be held successfully.



Program features:

• Pure video trigger detection mechanism, no need to break the road construction, easy installation and debugging;

• Integrated functions of electric police, bayonet and vehicle inspection devices, and functional integration;

• Data structuring to achieve distributed storage of traffic big data;

• Independent research and development of accurate image feature extraction algorithms, supporting up to 13 kinds of traffic violations to capture, high success rate of capture;

• The system integrates advanced data encryption algorithms to ensure data security;


Shanghai Jiading District Phase I Intelligent Transportation Project

Project Overview:

The high-definition composite detector used in the first phase of the intelligent transportation project in Jiading District of Shanghai integrates functions such as video detection, license plate recognition, security bayonet and high-definition video coding. It does not need to lay or periodically replace the ground-sensing coil of the road, and no additional image processing is required. The equipment greatly reduces the cost of construction, construction and maintenance, and daily maintenance, improves the efficiency of urban traffic management, effectively curbs illegal types of intersections, guarantees roads, and alleviates traffic congestion on urban roads. Traffic optimization has played a big role.

Application solution:

•Adopt high stability, high fidelity industrial smart camera.

•Intelligent analysis algorithms capture information such as vehicle count, length, and speed.

• Support video area division, classify vehicle information by lane.

• Embedded processing technology, intelligent front-end.