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Pedestrian crossing warning system

Product Parameters

Cao Yang Road, Zhongshan North Road, Shanghai

Project profile:

Zhongshan North Road, Shanghai, runs through the three districts of Shanghai, Putuo District, Jingan District and Hongkou District. It is roughly the east-west direction. It is the main line connecting the northern part of the central city of Shanghai. The total length of the road is 10.4 km. After passing through the Guang Xin and Cao Yang plate, there are more surrounding areas. There are Ming Road buildings, Bai Shu Building, Tongji lane, Jiangwan economic and trade building, and Hong Hong apartment. Intersection.

Customer requirements:

• The main traffic lanes have more vehicles and have not formed the habit of giving in to pedestrians on their own initiative through zebra crossings.

• The surrounding areas are dense and pedestrian crossing is easily affected.

Solve the problem:

Pedestrian crossing early warning system combines video detection, intelligent behavior recognition, Internet of Things communication, low power LED and other technologies. It uses artificial intelligence and machine vision technology to automatically identify pedestrian behavior, automatically judge pedestrians crossing the road, trigger flashing pins, remind passing motor vehicles to decelerate comity and guide pedestrians to safe passage, thus effectively avoiding traffic. Through accident.



Programme features:

• The system algorithm has very strong scene adaptability and high accuracy.

• The system uses LED lights and flash nail lights on pedestrian crosswalk signs, which can be seen from a long distance, and has a better dynamic warning effect, thus attracting the driver's attention to the greatest extent visually.

• It can serve as a two-way reminder for vehicles and pedestrians to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.