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Pipe MappingRobot
Product Features
Product Parameters

The establishment of the real three-dimensional model of the pipeline is difficult, costly, poor, and low precision. The ordinary image sensor can only obtain two-dimensional data, and the spatial scale information is lost in the imaging process.

The pipeline mapping robot is equipped with multiple sensors to enter the pipeline, and images and depth information are collected during the movement of the moving carrier in the pipeline.

Through the dense point cloud acquisition and reconstruction technology based on TOF and multi-eye vision sensor, the spatial scale information can be supplemented for the two-dimensional image, and the segment data can be automatically spliced and fused by professional application software to realize the three-dimensional quantity of the scene in the pipeline, measurement and modeling.



Functional characteristics

● 3D full color: 100% restores the real 3D space with scale and texture information in the pipeline through the fusion of 2D images and 3D point clouds.

● Automatic detection: equipped with a motion platform, the robot has a small amount of human manipulation during image acquisition. High accuracy: Multi-sensor with high-precision simultaneous exposure and feature matching via an auxiliary grating.

● Easy to operate: One-button operation, automatic calibration and scanning, direct output results.

● Cost saving: The robot motion platform realizes all-round mapping inside the pipeline.

● Friendly and interactive: use the supporting software to access the 3D panoramic interactive interface, and highlight the important texture, structure and dimensional features through the reality enhancement technology.



Artificial surveying

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Radiant Radar

3D mapping system

Automatic operation



Color data



Three-dimensional information



Machine calibration



High precision



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