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Power Inspection Robot
Product Features
Product Parameters

The power inspection robot integrates professional technologies such as artificial intelligence, intelligent control, information processing, image processing, detection and measurement, and cross-computer, automatic control, mechanical, electronic and other multidisciplinary cross-intelligence.

The key technologies of intelligent inspection robots are mainly : VSLAM and laser hybrid navigation technology, multi-sensor information fusion technology, robot controller and intelligent protection system technology.

At present, power inspection robots have been put into the daily operation of the power industry. The use of intelligent power inspection robots helps substation technology upgrades, reduce labor costs, improve detection accuracy, and provide a solid technical guarantee for the intelligent development of substations; the promotion and application of intelligent power inspection robots will further improve power production operations. The level of automation provides more protection for safe production of electricity.


Functional characteristics

● Trackless navigation: with international advanced VSLAM and laser hybrid navigation technology, can achieve millimeter precision navigation and obstacle avoidance.

● Four-wheel drive: four-wheel independent drive chassis, can be turned in place, with the ability to adapt to complex roads.

● Intelligent inspection: support one-button start, timing execution, path inspection, multi-machine cooperation, network return.

● Intelligent alarm function: analysis and judgment and alarm when the thermal defect, sound abnormality, meter and oil level gauge are abnormal.

● Intelligent anti-drop: use 3D depth detection camera to automatically detect road conditions, choose anti-drop measures for bad road conditions.

● Intelligent anti-collision: multi-sensor fusion using laser radar, ultrasonic radar and soft anti-collision strip.

● Intelligent anti-theft: with independent anti-theft alarm function.

● Multi-service unit: HD imaging unit, infrared temperature measurement unit, UV detection unit, noise monitoring unit.

● Visual inspection: based on high-definition imaging unit for appearance detection of main transformer, high voltage reactance, oil pressure, circuit breaker, isolating switch, etc.

● Meter identification: Identify and judge the pointer area, oil level status, switch separation, meter text and indicator status of the meter, and upload the result to the local system.

● Automatic charging: support automatic return to automatic charging in the robot room.

● Self-test function: support the self-test function of the whole module, fault alarm prompt, upload fault information, locate faulty parts.

● Shortest path selection function: When receiving a special task, automatically select the shortest path to perform the inspection task.

● Intercom call function: the inspection system has duplex communication function.

● Inspection method: self-inspection and special inspection.

● Discharge detection: for the abnormal state of the line, instrument discharge arcing, using UV detection unit for detection (optional).


Application scenario

Power inspection robot can be used in high temperature, strong electromagnetic interference environment and severe weather such as heavy rain, strong wind and heavy snow. It can be loaded with infrared thermal imager, high-definition camera and other related substation equipment detection devices for automatic inspection and special inspection. The method of inspection, instead of patrolling the high-voltage equipment of the substation, detecting and identifying the internal meter and timely discovering internal thermal defects of the power equipment, external mechanical or electrical problems such as foreign objects, damage, heat, oil leakage, etc. The operator provides data on the diagnosis of accidents and failure precursors in the operation of electrical equipment.





Technical Specifications

Operational capacity

Infrared thermal imager

Field of view 24°×18°; resolution 384×288/640x480; focal length 25mm; angular resolution 1.3mrad; electric focusing; temperature range: -20°C~+200°C (expandable)

UV camera (optional)

1pC @ 15 m discharge detection; 3.6dBμV radio induced voltage; resolution 1920×1080; 1x, 2x, 4x digital zoom; field of view 6° × 4.5°; wavelength 240~280nm

HD camera

30x focal length range; resolution 1920×1080; low illumination; auto focus; 1/3 target surface

Moving head

Vertical range -90°~90°; horizontal range 360°; 3D positioning

Direct reading

Support SF6 pressure gauge, arrester watch, opening and closing instruction, stroke type oil level gauge, casing oil level, pressure regulating gauge, temperature gauge, oil level gauge, knife splitting state and pointer oil temperature gauge, etc.

Acoustic detection

stand by

Temperature and humidity detection

stand by

Control method

Remote control, background, autonomous cruise


Visual navigation

stand by

Laser navigation

stand by

Radar navigation

stand by

GPS navigation


IMU inertial navigation

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Protection system

Fall prevention device

3D depth detector camera

Long distance obstacle avoidance device

Ultrasonic radar

Anti-collision device

Soft anti-collision switch


way of communication

Wireless AP/WiFi/Mesh

Mechanical behavior

Movement mode

four-wheel drive

Walking speed


Obstacle resistance


Wading depth


Minimum anti-drop height


Emergency stop distance

Braking distance <100mm when running 1.5m/s

Turning method

In situ steering



Repeat navigation positioning error


Power system

charging method

Manual charging, self-charging


24V lithium battery

Inspection time


Working environment

Working temperature and humidity

Operating temperature range -25 ° C ~ 60 ° C; working humidity ≤ 95%

Protection level






All metal




Remote upgrade

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