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9MP HD Composite Detector
Product Features
Product Parameters

The latest 9 Megapixels HD composite detectors are based on national and industry standards, integrating an integrated system of video detection, license plate recognition, security bayonet and HD video encoding.

HD composite detector without laying or periodic replacement of the sense coil, also no external image processing device, greatly reducing the construction, construction and maintenance, daily operation and maintenance costs, while improving productivity.

Application scenario



Functional characteristics

● Highly optimized integrated design system

The embedded design integrates video image analysis algorithms and independent intelligent algorithms developed for various types of illegal behaviors into the front end of the device, integrating an integrated system of vehicle detection, license plate recognition, security bayonet and electronic police functions.

● Ultra-high resolution and low bit rate video images

Use superior ISP imaging algorithms and efficient encoding compression technology for clearer image quality and higher transfer and storage efficiency.

● Full coverage of functions

The high-definition video stream real-time analysis technology can simultaneously realize the detection and capture of 16 common traffic violations in three major categories, record the facial features of the offenders, and realize various traffic management and high-definition monitoring functions.

● Video automatically recognizes the traffic light signal

The stable and reliable video traffic light state recognition algorithm is adopted to effectively avoid signal transmission problems caused by weather, environment and equipment interference factors, and reduce cable construction.

● Original resolution video output

The intelligent dual-stream technology is used to synchronously complete the functions of standard-definition traffic management and high-definition real-time monitoring, and the original resolution is output, and the video picture is smooth and clear.

● High capture rate, high efficiency, and illegal capture position

The feature classification technology and feature classification technology are used to provide vehicle and pedestrian feature extraction for road conditions, vehicle positioning, target locking tracking, and accurate capture.

● Rich network scalability

The integrated design allows the product to provide a rich network interface for use in different application environments.





Sensor type


Minimum illumination

Color: ≤0.008Lux

Frame rate

25 frames / sec



Imaging parameters

Exposure time: 10μs~40ms (can be set) Gain: 0~36DB (can be set)

Lens interface

C/CS type interface

Intelligent vehicle detection

Detection mode

Support for front or rear mode

Intelligent Recognition

Support lane flow detection

Custom function

Support average vehicle speed, headway distance, headway distance, time occupancy, space occupancy, queue length, congestion analysis, vehicle identification, etc.

Usage scenarios

6 meters high in formal or side-mounted, with a maximum coverage of 3 lanes and a longitudinal range of 20 to 60 meters;

Alarm processing

IO input

Supports 1 optocoupler isolated input, configurable trigger edge, signal jitter suppression time

IO output

Support 8-channel optocoupler isolated output, signal source selectable, support strobe light, flash, synchronous control, automatic control, time optional

Strobe light: configurable enable, multiplier, polarity control, effective level width

Flash: configurable enable, polarity control, active level width

Interface and protocol

AC sync input

Optocoupler isolation, configurable external synchronization phase delay

Communication protocol


External interface

RS232 serial port × 1, RS485 serial port × 3 (half duplex mode), RJ45 × 1, 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet adaptive

SD/SDHC/SDXC×2 (up to 128GB)

Audio port

3.5mm input × 1, 3.5mm output × 1

General specifications

Power supply


Power consumption


Operating temperature


storage temperature


environment humidity


Structural characteristics

The power adapter and network lightning protection device are installed inside the shield and adopt a protruding dustproof and waterproof panel.

Protection level


Standard sizes

640mm (length) × 180mm (width) × 133mm (height)

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