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Gate Brake
Product Features
Product Parameters

Gate brake is a modern advanced management system. It is designed with advanced cutting-edge technologies such as RFID and integrated with modern management needs. It is widely used in factories, enterprises, colleges and universities, office buildings, driving test sites and other places.

Gate brake is mainly used in the pedestrian passage management system. It has the characteristics of quick opening, safety and convenience. It is an ideal management and guidance device for pedestrians with high frequency access and passage; it is suitable for one-way or two-way control of people flow. The system has the advantages of advanced technology, convenient use, reliability and safety.


Functional characteristics

● With fault self-test and logic judgment ability, convenient for user maintenance and function debugging.

● The motherboard comes with a high-definition audio decoder chip, which can provide voice broadcast according to user requirements.

● With humanized status indication function, indicating channel status and traffic guidance, greatly improving traffic efficiency.

● Automatically detect the reset function. After the brake is turned on, the system will automatically cancel the permission when the undetected object passes within the specified time (adjustable).

● With pedestrian protection function, self-contained UPS battery emergency power failure automatic opening, meet fire protection requirements, and always protect pedestrian safety.

● It has the functions of illegal intrusion alarm, trailing traffic alarm, reverse traffic alarm, etc., which can effectively regulate the traffic order and facilitate management.

● It has a unified external electrical interface, which can be used with various access control devices, and can be remotely controlled and managed through a management computer. Reserved RS485 communication interface.

● There are a variety of traffic combination modes available. The corresponding control mode can be configured at any time according to the needs of on-site management. At the same time, the opening and closing speed of the gate is adjustable, and the cassette memory can be freely set without or without memory.



AC220±10%, 50Hz

Driving voltage


Working temperature


Relative humidity

No condensation ≤95%

input interface

Switching signal or 12v pulse signal ≥100ms

Working current


Traffic speed

≤30 people / minute

Communication interface (can be customized)


Gate switching time



Frame structure / standard 304 stainless steel tube shell

Access direction

Support for one-way and two-way (optional)

working environment

Indoor or outdoor

Protection level


Service life

3 million times



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