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Intelligence Cloud Door
Product Features
Product Parameters

● Built-in 2 megapixel wide dynamic image sensor for 24/7 capture, monitoring and recording.

● 1080p@30fps HD live video.

● Deep learning algorithm, support 10000 face database, fast recognition, high accuracy.

● Supports face recognition, QR code, Bluetooth, mobile APP, credit card, password and phone.

● 8-inch high-brightness color LCD smart highlighting.

● Support live detection to effectively prevent photo and video spoofing.

● Support environment adaptive intelligent fill light.

● Support electric door lock linkage control, support single or double lock.

● Built-in high-fidelity omnidirectional microphone and wide-band speaker, intelligent noise suppression and echo cancellation algorithm to ensure high-quality voice intercom.

● Support video voice intercom function.

● Support real-time data transmission and implement blacklist control.

● Support unified information publishing.

● Support tamper alarm and door magnetic detection.

● Video data conforms to GB28181 standard, and pictures and structured data conform to GA/T1400.x standard.

● Video data supports ONVIF protocol and can be connected to network DVR

● Support 4G (full Netcom), network cable, Wi-Fi connection.

● Supports the event linkage capture function and saves the captured image, and supports the data network upload function, which can upload the device capture photo to the platform in real time.

● Support power saving mode, reducing energy consumption by 60%.

● Support remote online upgrade.



Built-in 2 megapixel wide dynamic image sensor, 120° wide angle


8-inch high-brightness color LCD screen, 1280*800

Audio IO

Built-in full line microphone and high fidelity speaker


Built-in touch screen, virtual buttons

Swipe type

Second generation ID card, IC card, citizen card, residence permit

QR code opening

The owner APP dynamically refreshes the QR code to open the door, and the visitor opens the door with a limited time QR code.

Bluetooth open

Support Bluetooth near field opening

Face recognition

Built-in face detection and recognition algorithm, 1:N face comparison, face comparison time <0.5s/person

Remote card door

APP opens, the phone opens

Energy saving mode

Support infrared human body detection, real-time mode switching, save energy and extend equipment life

Video intercom

Support 1080P HD recognition intercom, support image capture and video recording, local and cloud save in and out records

Video Surveillance

Support video information collection, transmission, storage, retrieval, video data conforms to GB28181 standard, video data transmission supports ONVIF protocol, and can access NVR

Communications network

100Mbps network port, Wi-Fi wireless LAN, 4G

Control interface

Normally open and normally closed control signals, exit switch interface, door status detection, support for dual door control

Storage interface

Support 256G TF card

Input power

DC 12V, 2A

Operating mode

Supports offline operation when networked operation and network failure

Operating temperature


Relative humidity

10%~90% temperature and humidity

Installation method

Embedded mounting or wall mounting

Door lock

Magnetic lock, electric lock



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