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Intelligence Cloud Door
Product Features
Product Parameters

● The panel is made of black high-strength aluminum alloy material, which is noble and stable.

● Standard Ethernet interface, all digital design, suitable for future digital and network needs, support 4G full Netcom (optional).

● Visitors call intercom (management center, APP, mobile phone, landline, etc.)

● The management center monitors the host and the APP online monitoring host.

● With night and strong light compensation.

● Infrared human body induction wakes up and recognizes.

● Supports face recognition, mobile APP, credit card and password opening methods.

● Publish text, pictures and video information.

● Adapt to mainstream control signals such as Wiegand, switch, and network controller.

● Built-in high-fidelity omnidirectional microphone and wide-band speaker, using intelligent noise suppression and echo cancellation algorithms to ensure high-quality voice intercom.

● Built-in camera capture, linkage external IPC capture or recording short video.

● Support remote online upgrade.


operating system

Android 5.1


8-inch IPS touch screen, 1280 x 800

Audio IO

Built-in full line microphone and high fidelity speaker

Swipe type

ID card, residence permit, IC card, bank card, etc.

Password opening

Dynamic password, temporary password

APP opens

Cloud video intercom unlock

Face recognition

Built-in face detection and recognition algorithm opens

Energy saving mode

Low power consumption technology solution, saving power, reliability, long life

Voice intercom

Full-duplex voice intercom, comparable to ordinary telephone intercom

Communications network

RJ45, 4G (optional)

Input power

DC 12V, 3A

Operating mode

Supports offline operation when networked operation and network failure

Operating temperature

-20 ° C ~ 60 ° C

Relative humidity

10%~95% humidity

Installation method

Embedded mounting or wall mounting

Door lock

Magnetic lock, electric lock, support one machine double lock

Device power consumption

Operating power consumption <35W, standby power consumption <3W



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