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2MP 25x Starlight Network PTZ Dome Camera
Product Features
Product Parameters


Functional Characteristics

● 6A Intelligent Video Quality Control

● Support fog penetration (on/off), fog penetration level customization

● Supporting corridor mode, multi-mirror mode

● Supporting Mobile Monitoring

● Various security features to achieve user privilege classification and password verification

● Multiple alarm linkage modes

● Supporting sound detection (audio threshold detection, audio steep rise detection, audio steep drop detection, audio mutation detection)


Optical characteristics

● Automatic Day-to-Night Conversion (ICR)

● Precision core design, 25-fold optical doubling

● Ultra-low illumination to solve extreme low vision


Coding Characteristics

● Support four-way H.264 independent code stream real-time coding

● Intelligent bit stream control, easy to achieve low bandwidth, light storage

● Supporting G.711, AAC audio coding, high definition sound quality

● Supporting customized OSD, multi-area OSD for primary and secondary stream

● Supporting H.264 and MJPEG coding


Structural Characteristics

● The function of wiper to solve the problem of cleaning outdoor equipment

● Self-restoring PTC can restore the equipment after overvoltage and reduce the repairing rate.

● High level of protection and tight structure

● Built-in heat treatment device to reduce the temperature of ball machine inner ● chamber and prevent fogging of ball machine inner cover


Application Scenario

Applicable to government, transportation, culture, education and health, public prosecution and justice, intelligent buildings, large enterprise parks and other video quality requirements of high security sites.





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