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Chemical industry park

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1.1 Construction background

The chemical industry is a high-risk industry. During the various processes of experiment, production, processing, transportation and storage, it may leak and overflow various flammable, explosive gases, liquids and various dusts and fibers. When such substances are mixed with air, they become a mixture that is prone to explosion hazard, and the surrounding area becomes a dangerous place of explosion. When the concentration of explosives reaches the critical point of the explosion, once the source of the detonation occurs, serious accidents such as explosions and fires may occur, causing casualties and property losses.

With the popularization and deepening of professional chemical enterprise parks in China, the informationization construction of chemical parks has been deepened, and all large, medium and small chemical parks have accelerated the construction of information network platforms. The chemical park is gradually turning to the use of networks and computers to centrally process large amounts of data on important links such as management, production, sales, logistics, and after-sales services. The use of modern scientific and technological means to realize the digital management of chemical parks greatly facilitates the safe production and dispatch of factories, improves the safety management operation mechanism, and effectively reduces various safety hazards.


1.2 Design ideas

The traditional chemical industry park or chemical plant perimeter security system is to build high fences, iron fences, etc. If illegal intrusion can not be detected and dealt with in time, then it needs an advanced, scientific, practical, stable and reliable security monitoring system to achieve. In order to better protect property and plant safety, according to the actual monitoring needs of enterprise users. Generally, cameras will be installed in key parts such as factory periphery, gate, road, office building, production workshop, warehouse, computer room and so on.

The monitoring system integrates the functions of video surveillance, access control linkage, vehicle management and event warning. At the same time, the monitoring host automatically records the alarm pictures and handles them in time. It improves the efficiency of the security personnel and handles the alarm situation in time. It can effectively protect the property and staff of the factory, prevent all kinds of intrusions to the greatest extent and improve the handling. All kinds of emergency response speed, to provide a good working environment for security personnel, to ensure the safety of the entire factory.


1.3 Product Networking Architecture



1.4 Program Features

For the characteristic needs of chemical parks, the intelligent high-definition video system of the chemical park will be built. The video system is tailored to the actual needs of the chemical plant area. The features are as follows:

● Explosion-proof front-end deployment of hazardous scenes

The front-end explosion-proof area uses explosion-proof monitoring equipment. The remote monitoring system provides full operation of the lens and pan/tilt. For a wide range of scenes, use a high-definition dome to control. For flammable and explosive locations, explosion-proof equipment is installed to achieve video capture in a variety of scenarios.

● High point monitoring

At the high point of the plant, the deployment of ultra-long focal length monitoring equipment can clearly display the vehicle license plate information within 1km. Through high-level monitoring, the entire plant environment can be seen at a glance.

● High temperature, fire warning

Identify and judge the location where the temperature is high in the environment. When the critical temperature is exceeded, an image warning is performed. Infrared thermal imaging equipment is used for fire warning. Infrared thermal imaging can be used for temperature measurement instruments to realize long-distance temperature measurement by video and without contact. It can effectively prevent fire caused by excessive temperature.

● Personnel entry control

In the entrances and exits of chemical parks, office personnel, factory areas, staff accommodation areas and other entrances and exits are deployed to the personnel access management system, real-time monitoring and reporting of illegal entry, forced entry and other alarm information, and when the alarm information comes up, support linkage video surveillance Real-time video, linkage alarm system for arming and disarming. At the same time, the system can monitor the situation of all the entrance and exit doors and the entry and exit.

● Park vehicle management

Vehicle identification system is deployed in the entrances and exits of the factory, main roads, important passages, etc., records the photos of passing vehicles, the characteristics of front passengers, the identification of license plate numbers and the unit information of the vehicles, and transmits the recorded video and picture information back to the monitoring. Central management platform.

● Image anomaly analysis

Due to the presence of water vapor in the video surveillance screen in a complex environment, interference from the device may cause abnormal picture quality. The system has an image anomaly analysis mode. After an abnormality occurs in the image, the system automatically analyzes the image and prompts the factory supervisor. It can analyze various abnormalities such as image blur, overexposure, and black screen.

● HD video decoding system

A high-definition video decoding system is built in the command center, and the decoding system can be displayed in real time on various high-definition video sources. And the global status of the entire plant area can be seen on the spliced large screen.

● Electronic map, intelligent data display system

The system electronic map display system can display the situation of the entire plant. Global cameras, sensors, and other devices can be displayed on the electronic map. Whenever the device data is abnormal, the icon in the electronic map will flash. And in the command center, the alarm bells are alerted.

● Intelligent alarm system

The video management platform of the high-definition video surveillance system supports docking with the alarm management system, and analyzes, monitors, and alerts the data of the entire chemical park. When the data is alarmed, the system immediately prompts in the command center: pop-up related video, prompt relevant data; the system can link multiple devices: display the data and status of the related device; linkage related personnel: contact the relevant supervisor through SMS or email personnel.

● Convenient operation design

The computer window graphics console can replace the traditional text control keyboard. The operator can control various devices of the system with a single click of the mouse, and the operation image is simple and simple, and there is no need to memorize various cumbersome functions.

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