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Industrial park

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1.1 Construction background

Promoted by the rapid economic development and government policies, the park economy with various professional functions has developed rapidly. The economy of the parks in various regions has shown that the coverage area is expanding, the output value is becoming more concentrated, and the proportion of GDP is increasing. From the industrial content points: can be divided into service industry-based industrial parks, and service-oriented service parks. But the overall service industry is a regional organization that generates economic benefits.

Enterprise park enterprises are gradually developing into high (high-tech), new (new field), and specialized (professional) industries. In the future, the park will be a concentrated research and development base for high-tech industries, a cluster of high-tech enterprises, and a base for incubating and producing high-tech products.

Service-oriented parks are gradually developing towards convenience (sports), excellent (services), and beauty (beauty). In tourism, vacation, garden and other types of scenic spots, the high-tech application improves the service and the transportation convenience gradually becomes the competitive advantage of this type of park.

It can be seen that the planning and construction of the smart park is becoming more and more integrated, paying more attention to various basic supporting facilities and promoting the development of high-tech industries with better services. In particular, it pays attention to the information construction of the park, builds an information resource network of interconnection and resource sharing, and promotes industrialization by informationization is an important part of accelerating the development of characteristic parks.


1.2 Product Introduction

With "Intelligent Perception" and "Intelligent Control" as the core design ideas, GMI has launched the latest integrated management platform for Intelligent parks, dedicated to providing a large-scale, multi-application, integrated standardized management application platform.

The integrated management platform includes video surveillance, intrusion alarm, personnel access, vehicle access, patrol management, information dissemination, public broadcasting, GIS map, cloud door and intelligent scout and other subsystems to achieve integrated, digital, intelligent and mobile integrated Park management.

GMI's Intelligent Park Integrated Management Platform has the characteristics of unified management, information sharing and intelligent linkage among subsystems, customizability, flexible deployment and high operation and maintenance efficiency.


1.3 Product Network Architecture


1.4 Key monitoring areas



1.5 Program Features

● HD image acquisition

The front camera is the "eye" of the entire security monitoring system, and higher resolution allows for more image detail information.

The front-end HD network camera covers from 2 million to 8 million, and the device supports ultra-low bit rate. The code rate of the same picture quality is only 1/3~1/2 of the ordinary camera. The star-level ultra-low illumination lens sensor is