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Intelligent scout system

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1.1 Construction background

At present, there are more than 15,000 industrial parks in China. The concept of "intelligent park" has long been the focus of urban planning and social development. Under the current construction of intelligent parks, many parks across the country are actively proposing intelligent park construction plans. The focus of intelligent park construction lies in "intelligence". Through the integration of information technology and various resources, "intelligence" is infiltrated into every detail of the construction and operation of the park to strengthen the security, service and management capabilities of the park, and to innovate the organization. The architecture, in the increasingly fierce competition, maintains the sustainable development of the park and creates a super soft power for the park.


1.2 Product Introduction

The iGS-DC8108 series intelligent sentinel system is an emergency call for emergency assistance, emergency command, information release and artificial intelligence for enterprise parks and public areas.

The Intelligent Scout integrates the core modules of a comprehensive intelligent system with functions such as intelligent alarm, personnel patrol, environment awareness, information fusion, intelligent analysis and system linkage. At the same time, the equipment also supports public security networking, with the convenience of implementation and use of solar power supply and wireless network connection. In the absence of increased police force, the Intelligent Scout provides faster and more effective services for social environmental governance and prevention, and effectively deter criminals, calm the people, and play a positive role in social stability.

In addition, the Intelligent Scout integrates the concept of a intelligent park, integrates “intelligence” into the park, and expands to small and medium-sized campuses, science parks, factories, industrial parks, parks, commercial buildings, hospitals, plazas, scenic spots, shopping mall gates, stations, shopping malls, Parking lots, snow-lighting projects, rural roads and village entrances and exits, key points, rivers and rivers, smart agricultural parks and other areas.


1.3 Product networking architecture



1.4 Typical application scenarios

The Intelligent Scout series can be widely used:

1. Large, medium and small campuses: campus entrances and exits, canteens,

dormitories, teaching buildings, parking lots, libraries, and remote accidents on campus.

2. Science and technology parks, industrial parks, industrial parks and factories: park entrances and exits, office building annexes, factory buildings, conference center entrances and exits, parking lots, customer lounge entrances and exits, outdoor safety and production equipment placement areas.

3. Parks and business districts: areas with dense personnel, large traffic, large traffic, and few people.

4. Hospitals: medical staff commuters, car entrances and exits, near emergency centers, security personnel, patrols, etc.

5. Snow-light projects, rural roads and village entrances and exits, key points of highways and rivers

6. Rural fish ponds and orchards: safety protection, environmental monitoring, timely release of important information, etc.


1.5 Major function

1. One-button backlight alarm button, alarm linkage, video intercom

2. Intelligent analysis of pedestrian monitoring, face recognition, vehicle monitoring and call incentives

3. Multi-sensor intelligent detection, intelligent alarm linkage, sound and light warning

4. 360° panoramic view camera and ball machine linkage for global and detailed alarm event monitoring

5. With GIS electronic map, flow of heat map, traffic flow heat map display

6. With voice broadcast and high-definition video information publishing

7.Intelligent sensor environment awareness, can configure multiple environmental sensors

8. With patrol function, can access other patrol management system

9. With emergency lighting function, providing lighting service when public lighting is out of power

10. Support solar power, lithium battery power supply system and wireless WIFI and 4G network access

11. Equipped with cloud platform and mobile APP to realize core functions such as device management, video surveillance alarm linkage event management,information release management, system dashboard display, etc.


1.6 Program features

● Integrated design, multi-purpose

Intelligent Scout integrates 2 million high-definition camera, 360-degree panoramic surround camera, star-light high-speed dome camera, high-brightness information release display, high-fidelity voice call terminal, patrol module, 4G/WI-FI module, solar power supply system, GPS module, Intelligent system core equipment such as noise monitoring module and emergency lighting.l

● Multi-functional vision application, HD intelligence

Intelligent Scout integrates one-button visual alarm, emergency command, video surveillance, video intercom, information release, remote help, environment awareness, personnel patrol, early warning system linkage, etc., with solar power supply, wireless network connection, etc. . The coordinated smart star dome camera and 360-degree panoramic surround camera provide comprehensive and detailed security monitoring and intelligent analysis.l

● Multi-sensor fusion sensing, multi-dimensional complementarity

The Intelligent Scout integrates multi-service units including high-definition camera unit, infrared imaging unit, audio detection unit, environmental monitoring unit, and GIS positioning service. Through the Intelligent Scout management platform and the linked mobile app, you can intuitively view the geolocation information, real-time video monitoring, patrol information, alarm information, etc. of the front-end deployed smart sentinel, while also eliminating alarms, real-time intercom, live viewing And other functions.l

● Unified centralized management, easy maintenance

The Intelligent Scout is equipped with a smart cloud platform, which can be deployed remotely, flexibly expanded, and can reduce hardware maintenance work in the central computer room, and realize unified management of Intelligent Scouts, management hosts and linked mobile apps.

● Intelligent alarm mechanism to defend security

The Intelligent Scout can be connected to the Public Security 110, with intelligent alarm function, and the monitoring points around the scene can be used to monitor the social dynamics in a timely and effective manner, to help the helpers; the real-time video recording of the alarm events, once the people with bad movements are found The sound and light alarm system can be linked and remotely called to give shock; at the same time, the smart cloud platform intelligent analysis library equipped with the equipment has the intelligent analysis and prediction alarm function of personnel and vehicles.

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