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Cloud door system

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1.1Construction background

As an extremely important means of social security prevention, the access control system has been widely used in factories, government agencies, office buildings, residential quarters, shopping malls, hotels, banks, hospitals and other places with strong mobility and high concentration. With the rapid development of science and technology, intelligent management has entered people's lives. Gradually, China has begun to put forward higher requirements for the security, advancement and stability of access control systems. People have higher levels of modern office and living places. The demand for safety management is becoming more and more urgent. The new generation of access control management system that promotes and applies smarter, safer and more efficient has become an inevitable trend of social development.


1.2 Product introduction

In order to meet the urgent needs of the market for the new generation of intelligent access control system, GMI Video has independently developed the Cloud door system system. Through the integration of intelligent access control, video image analysis and Internet of Things, machine learning, multi-mode communication technology, innovative application of dynamic face recognition technology, distributed cloud technology, the design fully adapts to the current people's living habits (smart phone call/APPAPP)./ Bluetooth Connection/Wi-Fi combines the needs of owner's safe access, property efficient management, personnel and police interconnection, community announcement and publicity, advertising media delivery and other aspects organically, replacing passive surveillance with active control, to form an efficient and Intelligent Cloud access control system, so as to facilitate communication between owners, improve property management level, and develop community e-government popularization. It provides a good platform.


1.3 Product networking architecture


Cloud door system mainly consists of five parts: central platform equipment, property management equipment, owner equipment and unit door equipment, as well as public security system equipment.

● The central platform equipment mainly consists of central service platform and

voice gateway, which provides functions of management, data interaction, voice

and video interaction to other devices, and is the core of the system.

● Property management equipment is a management interface for community managers.

● Owner's equipment and unit door equipment are facing the owner, providing basic opening, recording and equipment linkage, etc.

● The access of public security system equipment is to strengthen the joint efforts between community security and comprehensive public security departments.


1.4 Program features

GMI cloud door system fully considers the shortcomings of traditional access control and makes up for the shortcomings of the traditional access control system:

● The system satisfies multiple network access schemes, making the system deployment more flexible and wider coverage.

● The system integrates multiple opening methods to support free selection and setting by people and households.

● The system supports the configuration of multi-level user rights and adopts the unified management mode of the platform, which makes the management of personnel and equipment more convenient and efficient.

● The system provides a variety of cloud big data intelligent applications, such as personnel identification analysis and statistics, building data analysis and statistics, intelligent analysis of entry and exit records, and special personnel attention reminders.

● The system provides a variety of standard interfaces to support other devices in the deployment area, including advertising screens, fire alarms, surveillance cameras, etc.

● The system supports the transmission of standard structured information to the public security platform through GB28181 and GA/T 1400 protocols to ensure the integrity and accuracy of data information.

● The unit door machine support in the cloud door system is linked with the corridor monitoring camera to achieve two-way personnel access records, further increasing security for the owners.

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