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Electric power anti-breakdown system

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1 Product introduction

1.1.Construction background

Power transmission lines and towers are operated under the open air for a long time, distributed in complex geographical environments, and are easily affected by the external environment. With the rapid development of the economy and society, the construction of municipalities, roads and bridges has brought about no small safety hazards to transmission lines and towers.

For the construction side of the transmission line construction, the construction scope of the project is large, and the requirements for coordinated operation are high. In order to enable the competent unit and the construction unit to understand the construction dynamics more effectively, prevent accidents from happening, and successfully complete the construction, the demand is on the line. The application of the video surveillance system during the construction process.

For the use units after the transmission line is put into operation, the construction of the transmission line has a wide geographical distribution. Frequently, the suspended solids or the passing high-vehicles cause damage to the transmission line, and the work efficiency is only performed by manual inspection. Low, and can not effectively deal with abnormal problems in a timely and effective manner. At this time, the video surveillance system is required to monitor and track the transmission lines in real time and report the alarms of abnormal problems found in time.

1.2 Product introduction

iGS-AE8008-AGS power intelligent online monitoring system is the latest product of GMI Response to the national call to establish a smart grid integrated management system. It is to discover and automatically warn external forces to destroy transmission lines, realize transmission line state operation, maintenance management, and improve production operation. An important technical means of managing the level of leanness.

The system can effectively identify the abnormal state within the detection range and proactively warn to prevent the occurrence of major accidents of the power line, and find abnormal conditions and respond effectively after the transmission line is put into operation to ensure the smooth and safe construction of the transmission line. Work normally, and thus save manpower and material resources.

1.3.Product networking architecture



The whole system consists of online monitoring and intelligent analysis 4G ball machine (intelligent detection module + data transmission module), energy supply module, software platform and intelligent control chassis.

The front-end camera adopts the intelligent analysis core algorithm, and integrates three independent module image processing algorithm softwares for large-scale engineering vehicle detection, crane arm detection and suspended matter detection, which can realize the wire hanging object detection function and the large construction machinery in the line protection area. Intelligent detection and other functions.

The back-end management platform integrates multiple functional modules, including master station management, information distribution, and mobile office, providing a one-stop management experience for information collection, delivery, early warning, and processing.

The solar power supply subsystem has an all-weather monitoring and alarm function. In the case of bad weather such as rainy days, it can also perform algorithm analysis and intelligent judgment on dangerous work targets, and timely alarm.

1.4 Scheme features

● Automatic identification of the front end

The monitoring front end sets a visual intelligent recognition algorithm to automatically identify the hazard behavior in the monitoring area and automatically filter the non-hazardous behavior at the monitoring site.

● Unattended all day

24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, unattended real-time monitoring, managers no longer need to keep an eye on the monitoring screen.

● Work anywhere, anytime

Full support for smartphone terminals, managers can completely get rid of the constraints of time and space, monitor the scene anytime, anywhere.

● Flexible and convenient configuration

Through front-end intelligent identification, select effective data upload, reduce communication traffic, and make the number of front-end installations of the system unrestricted. The system configuration is flexible, the system capacity is large, and the data and communication resources are small.

● Easy and fast maintenance

System software updates or upgrades can be done remotely.

● Expand application

It can be extended to monitor the sides of the channel or the line body, such as tower anti-theft, line icing, forest fire prevention, offline construction, wire foreign body invasion, regional invasion, foundation collapse, etc. Upgrade the software without changing the system architecture.


2 Project application

Phase I and Phase II of Jiangsu Electric Power Transmission Line Project