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Traffic Violation Capture System

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1.1Construction Background

With the rapid development of traffic construction and the popularization of motor vehicles in China, the number of criminal and public security cases related to roads and motor vehicles is increasing year by year. Violatory driving of vehicles and related illegal acts are the main causes of urban traffic disorder, traffic congestion and major traffic accidents. The rapid growth of urban population and the number of motor vehicles has led to increasing pressure on urban road traffic. Traffic accidents at intersections occur from time to time, which seriously threatens the safety of people's lives and property. Simply rely on artificial management, waste of human resources, the effect is not obvious.

1.2 Product Profile

Based on national and industry standards, the intelligent intersection high-definition composite detector independently designed and developed by GMI Video integrates video detection, license plate recognition, electronic police, security card and high-definition video coding functions.

High-definition composite detector does not need to lay or replace the ground inductance coil regularly, nor need additional image processing equipment, which greatly reduces the cost of construction, construction and maintenance, daily operation and maintenance, while improving work efficiency.

1.3Product Advantage

Compared with similar products on the market, GMI's high-definition composite detectors are concentrated in:



High-definition composite detector

Market similar products


Video trigger detection, no need to destroy the road surface

More use of ground inductance coil, need to break the road construction


The functions of electric police, bayonet and vehicle inspection are integrated

Single function, unable to achieve device integration


One-time installation to reduce road closure construction

Install one by one, multiple construction


Overall design, unified development, product interoperability

Different manufacturers have different agreements and difficult docking


Overall solution, obvious price advantage

Complex system and high engineering cost


Modular and easy to maintain

Many types of equipment, difficult to maintain


The system provides a unified interface with strong scalability.

The system is relatively