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Integrated Traffic Management System

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1.1Construction background

Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the continuous rapid growth of China's economy and the continuous improvement of the income level of urban residents, the number of motor vehicles has begun to rise sharply, the capacity of road traffic facilities has become increasingly insufficient, and the structure and function of road networks are difficult to adapt to current traffic demands. Huge traffic pressure has become a bottleneck restricting the sustainable development of the social economy. To this end, the road traffic management department has studied and determined that “the use of information technology to support road construction, road management and road traffic management, the development of road traffic information should be synchronized with the development of road facilities and road traffic” Ideas, and start the construction of related road traffic informationization special projects.

1.2Product Profile

At present, traffic congestion often occurs on the roads carrying the traffic flow between the central urban areas in large and medium-sized cities throughout the country. The traffic congestion will also occur in the areas adjacent to the central urban areas in the morning and evening at rush hour. In order to curb the further aggravation of traffic congestion, according to the actual needs of customers, Jiemai Video directionally developed the Intelligent Transportation Integrated Management Platform. In Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing and other cities, combined with the local regional characteristics and management needs, it launched a pilot project of road traffic information system, and simultaneously carried out signal control, electric alarm jacks, video surveillance and induction. The construction of cloth and other information systems has achieved remarkable results. Complete the pilot projects designated by customers to achieve full coverage of ITS, and support the traffic management needs of public security traffic management departments within the pilot area by building the basic framework of the local ITS management system, laying the foundation for gradually promoting the development of local road traffic informatization and intellectualization.

1.3 Product Architecture Design

GMI Video's Intelligent Transportation Integrated Management Information Platform is mainly based on GIS Geographic Information System. It integrates relevant resources, realizes data and information interoperability, initially establishes an information, intelligent and open integrated management platform, provides new ways and means for customer's Intelligent Transportation Management, and further improves the level of traffic management and traffic service.

The overall logical architecture of ITMS is shown in the following figure:



In the whole framework, the road traffic management information platform and business system are the core of the system. According to the needs of traffic management, the implementation of various instructions is completed; the operation environment and infrastructure provide support for the operation of the traffic management system; the standard and norms will provide technical support for the construction of the traffic management system; the information sharing and exchange will realize the comprehensive traffic information between the traffic police detachment and the city. Cooperative work among platform, traffic information collection and distribution platform of municipal traffic police headquarters and other business systems of public security.

1.4 Subsystem Features

Intelligent Transportation Management Information Platform integrates traffic command and control related subsystems, such as traffic video surveillance system, traffic guidance system, traffic signal control system, traffic condition publishing system, etc. It makes it possible to query and process the data of each subsystem in the software interface of a platform. The integrated subsystems are interrelated and can generate linkage operation, thus improving the crossover. The ability and efficiency of command and control.

● Video surveillance management

The video management subsystem provides the functions of camera access, third-party video system access, real-time video viewing, platform control, preset settings and calls, video playback and real-time video wall patrolling.

● Traffic Information Collection and Fusion Processing

The traffic information of the system comes from the Internet + company and video detector that provides traffic status data. Internet + company traffic status data is accessed through security measures such as gateways and security gateways. The module is responsible for accessing the traffic state information according to the interface provided by the Internet + company, and the traffic state information of the access is processed into the data format of the traffic information management subsystem after being analyzed and converged, and is imported into the internal data acquisition module. The traffic state data collected by the internal collection module are used for subsequent release and statistical analysis after the multi-element fusion processing.

● Dissemination and Guidance of Traffic Information

The release of traffic information is an important means to reduce traffic congestion. Traffic information publishing system can provide accurate traffic information for pedestrians and fleet managers, and facilitate flag adjustment of travel time, route and mode. The road condition information released by the guidance board can guide the drivers to avoid traffic accidents, traffic jams and other sections, and play a role in regulating the spatial and temporal distribution of traffic flow and balancing the traffic flow of the road network.

● Traffic condition treatment

The database of road traffic management information system acts as data center, gathering traffic status data accessed by different channels. After accumulating enough breadth and time depth, it can be used as the basis of large data analysis for traffic situation and intersection congestion prediction. The analysis results can be used as the basis of traffic integrated command such as optimization of signal control scheme of SCATS system and issuance of traffic guidance information.

Intelligent Transportation Management Information Platform (ITMP) also establishes the field facilities and user management system to realize facility management, facility maintenance, system operation and maintenance management and fault alarm mechanism; establishes a report statistics platform to achieve fault statistics and processing; and establishes a user management platform to realize the authority control and system function use of the system by different departments.

With the development and application of computer vision technology, intelligent traffic management information platform gathers a large number of pictures and video data. Through image analysis technology, it realizes the deep application based on pictures and videos, such as structured processing of pictures and videos for secondary search, and other functions. The intelligent operation and management of traffic can be further realized by using various cutting-edge scientific and technological means.