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Whistle detection and capture system

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1.1 Construction Background

With the increasing traffic in urban areas, the whistling of motor vehicles has become an important source of urban noise. It is difficult to carry out effective management, making it a stubborn disease in traffic violations. According to Article 62 of the “Regulations on the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China”, driving a motorized vehicle shall not honk in an area or section where the horn is prohibited.

1.2 Product Introduction

GMI Video Technology Co., Ltd. has developed an automatic recording system for motorized whistling horns, which accurately identifies the squeaking horns in road traffic, captures evidence records, and manages the data platform to establish a set of traffic based on big data. The screaming speaker management system effectively implements the governance of such behaviors.

1.3 Product Networking Architecture

The system is divided into front-end information acquisition layer, intermediate network transmission layer and back-end platform. The front-end information acquisition layer includes:

1) Noise Acquisition Unit

2) Vehicle capture unit

3) Intelligent Analysis Terminal



● The noise collection unit is composed of an integrated sonar array sensor, which can accurately judge the horn sound in real time, accurately locate the sound source, and record the audio information containing the whistle sound.

● The function of the vehicle capture unit and the intelligent analysis terminal is to locate the vehicle in the image according to the sound source position, capture the vehicle characteristics and accurately identify the license plate, and record the illegal image and video information.

● The back-end information management platform mainly manages the image, audio and video information of illegal activities in multiple intersections of the city, and provides evidence for the law enforcement of the traffic road management department.

1.4 Typical Application Scenarios

Urban roads, highways, school hospital , research institutes, etc. are prohibited from whistling sections



1.5Program Features

● The system takes the lead in applying the internationally advanced acoustic array positioning technology to traffic management, and can accurately locate and identify vehicles whistling.

● The system uses professional signal processing algorithms in the field of spectrum technology to distinguish vehicle horn sound from other noises such as vehicle driving sound, braking sound, roaring sound and air conditioning sound, and extract horn sound from noisy environment accurately.

● The system recognizes the outline of the car body from the figure, accurately marks the illegal vehicle, and can track the vehicle until the license plate is recognized when the license plate is not clear or occluded.

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